MEUHP Wellness

Motivate Me!

With the MEUHP program, members have the opportunity to earn incentive dollars (in the form of a gift card) for participating in various programs.

For details, download the motivate me flyer with complete information.   While all family members can participate, only the members are eligible for the incentives.





We live our lives by the numbers:  phone numbers, PIN numbers, Social Security numbers, ... the list goes one.


But do you know the heart health numbers that could literally save your life?  There are three key numbers you need - including one surprisingly easy one that could give you a lifesaving preview of your cardiac risk.


1.  Your blood pressure

2.  Your cholesterol levels

3.  Your waist size


Healthy numbers mean a healthy heart.  If you follow a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and avoid smoking -- you can even turn bad numbers around.  Read full article from WebMD...



Did you know ...


You can easily compare the cost of prescription drugs through goodrx?

We took it for a short test drive and found that the cost for a common drug for a thyroid condition varied from $4.00 to $21.84 for the exact same drug in Platte county.



Try it yourself and see!  It's worth a few clicks to see how much you may be able to save.