MEUHP Wellness - 2018 District Incentive Winners!

The 25 MEUHP Districts listed below have all earned the Incentive Dollars from Cigna by actively engaging their staff in health and wellness education.  Congratulations to these districts in promoting wellness for their staff.  Collectively, these districts have earned almost $50,000 for their wellness efforts!


District Name Region Amount Earned
1 Adair Co R-II NE $540
2 Archie NW/WC $1,300
3 Centerville R-I SC/SE $260
4 Cole Camp R-I NW/WC $1,780
5 Drexel R-IV NW/WC $1,040
6 Dunklin R-V C/STL $4,920
7 Excelsior Springs 40 NW/WC $6,740
8 Green Ridge R-VIII NW/WC $1,020
9 Jefferson C-123 NW/WC $540
10 Johnson Co. R-VII NW/WC $1,200
11 La Monte R-IV NW/WC $920
12 Lewis Co. C-1 NE $2,460
13 Lincoln R-II NW/WC $1,480
14 Livingston Co. R-III NW/WC $320
15 Logan Rogersville R-VIII SW $6,160
16 Malden R-1 SC/SE $2,920
17 Monett R-I SW $5,820
18 Pemiscot Co. R-III SC/SE $420
19 Pettis Co. R-XII NW/WC $700
20 Risco R-II SC/SE $800
21 Rock Port R-II NW/WC $900
22 Sherwood R-VIII NW/WC $2,220
23 Southland C-9 SC/SE $820
24 Sweet Springs R-VII NW/WC $1,120
25 Tarkio R-I NW/WC $1,260



Motivate Me!

With the MEUHP program, members have the opportunity to earn incentive dollars (in the form of a gift card) for participating in various programs.

For details, download the motivate me flyer with complete information.   While all family members can participate, only the members are eligible for the incentives.





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