Plan Administrator

Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc.



About Forrest T. Jones & Company (FTJ).
FTJ has 64 years of experience serving Missouri educators.  Since the Missouri Educators Unified Health Plan (MEUHP) became a non-profit corporation and a Superintendent-run organization in 2009, FTJ has assisted its Board of Directors to successfully manage the plan in an ever changing health care environment. In 2013 this included comprehensive assistance to smoothly convert MEUHP to a self-funded plan with large claim stop-loss protection. FTJ's ongoing plan management includes assistance with annual renewal activities, online open enrollment, billing and collecting, health care reform issues, reporting and audits, new member marketing and implementation, and on-going employee education and enrollment activities. For more information on FTJ, please visit .

If your School District is interested in receiving a proposal for membership in MEUHP, please contact Tom Quinn, MEUHP executive at 573-881-3825 or .