2024-2025 Leadership & MEUHP Bylaws

Board Members & Vice Chairs
  Executive Director Kyle Kruse
  President John French, Lewis County C-I
  Vice President Jaret Tomlinson, Excelsior Springs 40
  Treasurer John Dem, Junction Hill C-12
  Secretary Brian Robinson, Winston R-VI

Board Members and Vice Chairs
  Board Member John Dern, Junction Hill C-12 (2026)
  Vice Chair Open
  Board Member Ty Crain, Fulton 58 (2027)
  Vice Chair Open
  Board Member Adam Friga, Oran R-III (2025)
  Vice Chair Joey Watkins, Pemiscot R-III
South Central
  Board Member Eric Allen, Eminence R-I (2025)
  Vice Chair Open
  Board Member John French, Lewis County C-I (2027)
  Vice Chair Robin Daniels, Adair R-I
West Central
  Board Member Kevin Goddard, Rich Hill R-IV (2026)
  Vice Chair Chrystal Mayfield, Strasburg C-3
  Board Member Brian Robinson, Winston R-VI (2025)*
  Vice Chair Justin Collins, Gallatin R-V
St. Louis
  Board Member Open
  Vice Chair Open
Kansas City
  Board Member Jaret Tomlinson, Excelsior Springs 40 (2026)
  Vice Chair Open

* Brian Robinson is appointed until the spring 2025 regional meetings when the remaining two years of the Northwest District term will be filled.


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2017 Plan Document
Schedule A - 2023 Update
Schedule B - 7-2023 Update
MEUHP Fourth Amended Bylaws - January 2022

MEUHP Membership Agreement 2023 – 2024